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Squeak, Squeak..., a series of clear and loud noises coming from the bedroom window, across the strings like bamboo, like drops of water hitting the stalactites, drifted like a silver tap. This is cricket, pleasant singing. "Where the cricket cries so shrill? "Night son came back from school. He was attracted by a cricket cry loud and clear. "Your dad from the unit on your back" wife disdained to answer his son's questions. Obviously, I think delightful song sound has disturbed wife life habit of early to bed and early to rise, is filled with a surge of resentment in her voice. This is the corner of the bathroom in…
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Known, the scenery along the way, like grief, sails away sail is short. Settle the long way which is combined with the fermentation time, bored. Logania broken, eyes forced a return, after all, overlooking the eyes belong; take it seriously when the vision and boundless, empty inclusion helpless,. chaeta Hai? It was getting dark, the green trees and wheat, and more. However, night paint splash-ink painting, then use dark whitewash, which readily devoured, who feel sorry for the heartache. Wheel rolling track, sound repeats in the darkness, ignorance, not knowing, more tired, and unwarranted increases the length of the wait. How long is the wait? The distance between two hearts,…
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First, the window to watch the rain When the window watching the rain, was going through the text on the Shu ' an. Wind, those xylophones lines, was gently lifted, scattered all over the floor, wetting her eyes. Window of the plane trees, gazes in silence. The rain falls, irregular sounds, such as the length of a song. Tall trees, revealing a little drunk green, seem to feel its eyes, silently watching me. Across the quiet with the windows from this childhood growing up in the yard, most tender is my heart belongs. The Sycamore Tree, is my best memory, is the deepest love. Rain was falling, and rustle, I…
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Nostalgia lives in the Moon Full moon is the mother's face Bends are the mother's tears Arrow in the dust (reading website: www.sanwen.NET) Also can not get out of his mother's eye Nostalgia is immersed in water LU LU shook his childhood laughter Water reflects the modesty of the shadow Salvaging memories of bitter sweet Foreign no home water Nostalgia Park in a boat One of the ships Starlight Hoang long Breaking waves dancing sky Grandfather, wanderer is the long pole that pierced heart Ferry was missing Bank Nostalgia, nostalgia You are always in my years Old age yan Lost time Nostalgia, nostalgia You always keep me wound To death…
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Crane homes

Hauling, across 200,000 hectares. The vast waters, fantasy to the waves, you put it in the world in the milky way. Qiangic grass, vast lakes, you are home to red-crowned crane. Flying over the arrow in the dust, just search for Habitat's paradise. White wings and bearing the hopes and dreams, brown feathers dyed bright expanse of fields. Your natural shine sprite, you are a "sky crane row clouds, poetic charm to bi-Xiao" rhymes love of painting. (Reading Website: www.Shown.NET) You are in my hometown is a beautiful landscape: The morning, Sun darts forth its beams. Small fish are jumping, Lake Road scale-like ripples, red-crowned cranes and dancing and singing,…
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City parade to remember

B not merely year, learning under the all public gathering will end Gate City. Clear skies, huifenghechang, Trinidad flatter friends. Luo Cha President Vladimir Putin who send an army to help out, South Korean Park Geun-Hye in the East, and persons who are highly respected within the four seas, apron-curtains temporarily. Head of neighbouring countries as well as in the Chinese capital, to celebrate, to Japanese slaves defeat in 70 years for the partisans he Zhi. Bai Rong, a drop in corn, would like to be recorded. To view the parade-sheng, the mighty. Soldiers, state and China, the world of wizards. Wing, three feet of micro-life this what outstanding virtues,…
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Internet love

Network, is the most popular tool, and ink-dancing-loving friend, in the network to make an infinite number of pen pals, friends, pen pals and friends should stand for the talent. Words you found me quietly, quietly I found you, and feel virtuous rich with each other's aura, then feeling and thinking, don't look for in the poem sweet, then tell the love of you. --Signature NET, it is a dream, a sweet dream that never goes out, make people drunk, people trance, into which people, I hope that this dream never woke up. NET, is the tender trap, into which people, knowing that the road will be deeper, but wouldnot…
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Fall of light, dark night dream

Late at night, the community had fallen asleep. I stood on the balcony, eyes in the night sky filled with black making love with the autumn wind tease out their thoughts, to get her into further afield to see the kind of scenery. Opposite the high-rise, sort caused by wrong, only flashed the light guide panel of his presence, marking every 30 stories high. Spill light from the pane, are carved window box the same size as if hoisted the silver curtain, a West-East, Prev Next, sporadic disorder, after a messy picture. I still have some private car traffic into, out on the road, came the sound of waves wipe…
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Most impressive in the history of the most solemn stone-Lucerne Lion Monument ___ Continental collection 35 Continental collection 34 says that United States the famous writer Mark Twain are attracted to Lucerne, visit the Lion Monument, the "dying lion Lucerne" as the "most tragic and moving statues in the world." Come to Lucerne, of course you want to garden surrounded by carefully to see the Lion Monument Lucerne. The Lion Monument in Lucerne town centre area, near the bus station and supermarket, get off after a little long bending Street, bustling street selling watches, Sabre, specialty cheese shops abound, we walked to see dizzying, blink of an eye to Lion…
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Daughter’s phone

Daughters don't remember my mother these days, almost a call one day, put her in the school's new discovery, a new feeling was excited to speak to me, I took heart, and do their own thing. Yesterday she was on the phone and said, MOM, I shouldn't fall in love in University. I'm funny, asking, why? There daughter's voice is a bit frustrating, said no I like the boys in our class. I am "Oh Oh" repeatedly: that's OK, it doesn't matter, according to it. First, learning first. Wonder, my daughter is ridiculously silly, on the topic of puppy love for her parents turn, never seems to not be a…
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