Childhood when mother tells, echoed in my mind, cannot erase the memory.

In December 1937, 13, Japan, Japanese forces occupied the southern capital,defenceless people in Nanjing, for up to six weeks of horrific massacres.”Corpses everywhere, and bleed”, “best Red River water, Metropolitanrivers.”

The life of the mother was 16 years old, living in Nanjing, Zhenjiang, in the face of Japanese heel trample, displacement, and hiding. Lost home,fleeing crowds pass through Yancheng, arrived at Lianyungang.

Is a coastal city of Lianyungang. People in the past, fleeing the publicdime wow. On his way fleeing porters father met, I also had to rely on.

Mother followed her father came to the “long stone long” foot of themountain.

During the war, tough, tough wow. Is eating wild vegetables, sweet potatoes,which have food to eat. Plains covered with rock, rock crawling withScorpions. Zhuang Hu women busy in front, weaving, making shoes, sent to thefront lines of war heroes.

Long years have passed for eight years, Sino-Japanese War victory. Mothershave the opportunity to return to the stranger’s home–Nanjing city. Reunionwith family about missing each other. Mother’s eldest brother to find thelong lost mother, is through the heart by a heavy downpour soaked by cold,suffering from a cold unfortunately but no, a pair of old, unfortunatelyleft. Mother’s only sister and cell tells the pain of missing, and Acaciamutual respect.

Small villa at the foot of cangshan mountain, hot summers, cold winters, thedifficulty of surviving.

Blink of an eye to the year 1955, mother with seven people in the family,from the foot of cangshan mountain, hard all the way to the Northeast, thefather came to recruit East, reunited with the whole family.

In my mind, my mother is so hardworking, neighborhood folks get along well.No matter who is big or small are indispensable in its shadow, after runningback on the go. Her life kept dropping plowing fertile ground for goodness,is the neighborhood praise and acclaim.

Mother is a friendly little-known Middle-Earth the doctor, which womenconceive children invited her to deliver. Baby ill wind, cough, urticaria, etc, please go to diagnosis and treatment. Mother acupuncture art is veryeffective, the neighborhood has a sore jaw from clenching your, andultimately, to help her, in the temple, and other parts of the cervical spine, and joints of the hands and feet, waist at several sites, there aredifferent size needle, squeeze some blood, your body is a lot easier, pluscupping in a few.

I was suffering from bronchitis, dialect called Hou, no gas to hold on alittle red in the face. Mother took three years, cure has not been made.Diagnosis and treatment of fresh, first day of winter, hanging under theeaves two red and green radish, an eye with a needle, 29 tie two holes, and so on. Out of the nine scored to put sugar cooked food on, for three yearsin a row, bronchitis really well. There is a kind of mother, make me alifetime.

Regret no medical skills passed down through mothers, meaning it is too late!

Mother’s cooking by the family’s favorite, but also praised by neighborhood.

Staple foods varied stress conditioning, soft and hard loquat pancakes,often baked pancake box. Yeast dumpling pie hot fragrant, and cut the Sub,small people add some sweet porridge. Corn porridge sweet potato thatdelicious, a pot slips, lime tree leaves and the Soviet Union sold thehomemade corn fork. Rice, two rice, sorghum, rice, rhubarb rice tastebetter. Millet gruel, this is home. Mothers make pasta very particular new year steamed buns also added a large red dates, white bread and bean paste.Handmade noodles are delicious. Sugar Delta, spring pancake, pancake a lotabout. First lunar month Lantern steamed, steamed and an assortment oflanterns with flour, according to the Chinese zodiac, steamed chickenRooster lamp steam Dragon Dragon, what the rat steaming light. Mothers Cookthere food art, full of local flavor.

Grocery variety. Pickled pickles variety, pepper, hot pepper, Chinese cabbage, radish, leaf mustard gada, mustard greens and English, andcucumbers and green beans a lot of WOW. Chicken, duck and goose eggs picklejars each year. Dew plot two cylinders with sour cabbage, Spring Sun sauce,sauce or chili sauce, Sun-dried bean curd FRY leeks that good. Autumn driedvegetables, beans, eggplant, radish, cucumber, Sun, mountain vegetablesthorn bud, bracken also bask a lot. There are sweet potatoes have to Tan.Homemade tofu is much more delicious than buying. Chinese new year dishesare prepared by stress, fried tofu, eggplant, and thorn bud, it is unique.Ribs mats chopped tofu fried meatballs was delicious. Homemade salty Bacon,salted duck on the table.

Usually eat stew, Cook dip pickles there are a wide variety of pickled vegetables, pepper in cooking really delicious.

Mother put some pepper winter heating, summer antidote to good wow!

Mother nagging memory, “there are good things to fill themselves, for othersnamed.” she did good things, sent village West. There are good things toshare to everyone taste. This is good, kind and willing. Mother always said,”suffer who often eat small fish is cheap”. ” Dinner you mouth drops shortthat they drop short hand. “my mother’s advice, this life is not forgotten,always keep in mind, also passed on.

Mother was a kind and grateful people. Often tell us: “don’t forget thepeople who helped us, and we are today is never without their help.” Don’tforget your uncle Wei, when we came from inside Shanhaiguan, seven people in the family got off the train to rock, uncle Wei you hire a coach took usback to the station have been sent home, halfway, and we get two meals. ”

In my childhood mind, Thanksgiving two words was rooted in the heart. Wewant to thanks all who treat themselves, respect, gratitude and will feelbetter in life. “Gratitude, grace and goodness”.

Everyone has a good heart, goodness is the smile of the soul, kindness isbeing grateful for life. Life on the road has a kind heart, life experience,life will be sunny.

From what I can remember the mother’s body has been bad, rolling, moaning atthe Kang. I immediately went to the village health clinic doctor hometreatment for the mother. Village clinic doctors treat your mother came tomy house, and it is common. Learn from an early age for mothers who, fry thepills I would first try has become a habit.

Around 1959, the province sent down “rightists” road-building team camped inour village. An engineer in the team heard that my mother is sick, she cameto my mother’s pulse diagnosis and treatment. After eating his prescriptionand gradually get better. Through this Exchange, mother about his lover to come and stay, they become dry between sisters. I have one aunt. Mother’ssister Oh, I see, with school President Xu lover, the old House, XI Tun Tunand old at home, and old houses in the County, as well as in the old Yangfamily in-laws.

Cause now I realized the mother far from home, homesick feelings of missingloved ones, with nominal kinship to fill to appease their hearts.

Between mothers and sisters to know that feeling well, and the sisters,frequent in life, help and love each other, with the warmth of a family oflove.

Through road-building engineers and electrical engineers, but also renownedChinese medicine practitioners. His wife is Chinese, but also landscape andflower painter. They are really talented family.

Brother is 15 years old suffering from diseases of the small, my aunt stayedto the provincial capital, cured and well taken care of. Says, “to the EastPlaza to play every day, and pocket money.” clothes from the foot to the topand came back to bring our family back many clothes wow! This is my mother’ssister Mu Guizhen na!

Mother often will attack, came home from school saw her mother lying on thebed, know disease again. I knew the first thing the doctor to heal his mother, the second thing to do the housework. Because mothers are oftensick, but learned a lot of housework. Learned during childhood chores such as cooking, pancake, and feeding.

Mother tells of the anguish of the past life, “my illness is confined, yoursister for three days, in order to hide from the war, wading through waist-deep water, under disease”.

Mother is busy every day.

Throughout the seasons are busy not to finish her work. Spring Hill to digwild vegetables, summer fields have a mother figure, shoulder meal served inthe mountain-side fields, working for family lunch. Is also collected in thefall season • can working mothers, and shanzhen, picking up mushrooms, alsopicked up the dealer in the fields. Cold in the winter, mothers work inExchange for a warm guy.

She worked during the day and evening with his arrangement. Lighted kerosene lamp by sewing clothes, rope rubbing on thigh, rubbing red thigh. Stitch soles, series covers Lotus, also strings chilli need to rope! Whenever Iwake up a sleep time, the mother was busy. Night time all wear unlined, cotton-padded clothes for the whole family. Family are presentable andcomfortable. Sewing wear cotton gloves on your hands warm in the heart.Working mother with her warm our body, is very proud in front of others.

In the 80 ‘s, slightly raise standard of living.

I have married and had children, mothers feel brilliant. Days of livingtogether, I wash my face every day the water-side to my mother, hot hot hot wine, drink both mother and son talked about the joy of living and the hardlife of the mother in the past. Mother’s nagging, “looking back have no homefor 36 years.”

Mother of her tiny body into the age of 60, reached the age very homesick!

In the spring of 1981, my sister brought her mother home my hometownNanjing, Zhenjiang, 36 contained. Sisters, together again, laughing, talking about life’s ups and downs.

Recall childhood memories. Posing as a permanent memory.

Parents ‘ combined era was during the Japanese aggression, at the fleeingcrowd together. At the time, always had a little more life. In my mind, theyare always arguing and fighting. Reasons mostly because of the arguing andfighting over her work. Fathers disciplining a child to work, children,mothers take their children, so I packed a confrontation.

Fathers work in haste.

My second sister 13 years old that winter, followed his father to Lirasledge picking up firewood, it’s getting late, lost on the way back. Fathersquarreled in the evening. The next day, still dark sister wearing barefootboots braved the treading snow to find the missing tools, snow, where tofind wow! She came back and had a bad attack of typhoid fever (heavy cold) aTerminal one. At that time doctors and medicines, unable to cure herillness, sister 13 years old!

Mother because she’s gone, cried for more than 10 years!

Mother, life is hard, he didn’t take any delicacies, not through a decentclothes. Work every day he put his energies are scattered in the family,spilled on us. Her life was torn lives with the disease. Her life and thefather emotionally, are suffering in many cases, did not taste like theother couples marital harmony and sweet.

How mother’s life, of course, cannot be said of the great, but ordinary. Butthink about Chinese women, especially mothers age women, mothers, did notenjoy the beautiful day today, most of this! Their lives unknown, ignoredlike the roadside grass. But it can be seen from their body diligence,kindness, gratitude, and the virtues of thrift, hard work.

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