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To the youth

Youth is like sand in the hand, hold tighter the more vulnerable. To leave it sooner or later, why should we care Age supposed to be egotistical, publicity. With the youth of color Can be willful and headstrong. Cat-like publicity, snarling at every turn. Can't stand a little hurt. In a corner licking their wounds, and after that little wanton andunrestrained madmen Singing in the wind, walk in the rain. Reckless fun as we follow in the footsteps of youth Because of their youth, young us., with the sharpest claws, injuries hurt. When the time passes by, grind time and reality of our head, Gu Ran back, Have been piercing…
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Mother’s life

Childhood when mother tells, echoed in my mind, cannot erase the memory. In December 1937, 13, Japan, Japanese forces occupied the southern capital,defenceless people in Nanjing, for up to six weeks of horrific massacres."Corpses everywhere, and bleed", "best Red River water, Metropolitanrivers." The life of the mother was 16 years old, living in Nanjing, Zhenjiang, in the face of Japanese heel trample, displacement, and hiding. Lost home,fleeing crowds pass through Yancheng, arrived at Lianyungang. Is a coastal city of Lianyungang. People in the past, fleeing the publicdime wow. On his way fleeing porters father met, I also had to rely on. Mother followed her father came to the "long stone…
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